Rachel Mac + The Revival

Debut Album "Stages" Available Now!


Photo of Rachel Mac + The Revival Live in Klamath Falls, Oregon. Photo Credit: Brian Gailey

Rachel Mac + The Revival was never actually meant to exist. What started as the product of rampant insomnia-turned-therapy eventually stayed up late enough to turn into a one-off show, and with that, The Revival was born. Founded by lead guitarist and front-woman, Rachel ‘Mac’ Brandsness, Rachel Mac + The Revival is a raw, strikingly honest modern presence with an old soul reminiscent of the early 70’s.

Rachel Mac + The Revival is just that, a revival. A last ditch attempt to hold on to sanity and any semblance of optimism. Brandsness’ former long-term project, Fools For Rowan, had just collapsed in early 2013, leaving the members in serious financial instability. On top of all that one summer evening the same year, Brandsness returned to her Nashville, TN apartment to find her window smashed entirely out of the wall and all of her guitars and equipment stolen. All but one. With that last remaining guitar, she made the decision to make Rachel Mac + The Revival a reality and less than two months later, the first track for the upcoming album was cut in the studio.

“From writing, to completion it has taken over a year to finish this album, but I’m glad it has.” explains Brandsness. “I think that gave us the time we needed to develop the band’s identity and to let it develop a mind of its own. There are so many influences in the songs, essentially all of which are about some weird aspect of my life, and not just musical influences.”

“I wanted it to be real” Brandsness says. “I didn’t want to cheat anybody. If someone was going to take the time to listen I wanted them to get the real deal, so there are stories about real people in those songs. A lot of it is conversational; what was said, what would have been said. You can hear the influences of what I was consuming while I wrote it as well. I read a lot and watched a lot of films and shows. My experiences were my main source of inspiration, but I took a few cues from authors like Ray Bradbury, composers like Howard Shore and Hans Zimmer, and the imagery of the last few seasons of “American Horror Story.” You’ll hear it.”

In November of 2013 Rachel Mac + The Revival released a two-song EP entitled “Enough, My Friend” featuring two songs from the debut album to be released at the end of Summer 2014, followed by tour dates. As members of other bands, Brandsness and the rest of The Revival have already had the privilege of sharing the stage with acts such as Evanescence, Halestorm, Sick Puppies, Candlebox, Skillet, The Gin Blossoms, Neon Trees, Trapt, Randy Houser, Florida Georgia Line, Tonic, and many more. Brandsness and other members of the Revival also appeared as members of Billy Ray Cyrus’ backup band in the film, “Like A Country Song,” in select theaters June 2014. It is safe to say that with this new band and album they are well on their way to carving out their place in the rock world and rising to even greater heights.

Rachel Mac + The Revival is:

Rachel ‘Mac’ Brandsness: Lead Guitar, Vocals, Hammond B3/Keys

Andrew ‘Gibby’ Williams: Guitar, Bass, BGV’s

Tyler Warren: Drums, BGV’s, Percussion

Others who have lent their talents to The Revival include:

Blair Breitreiter Smart: Hammond B3, Keys, BGV’s

Drew Uldrich: Bass

Jameson Leasure: Drums